Company History

What sets our company apart from all of the other providers of end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne? Knowledge, experience, and empathy. We understand how frustrating it can be to worry about all of the aspects of moving out of your current home. If you’re at the end of your lease and you’re worried about what the landlord might think about the state of the home, you need professionals on your side to help you get through the toughest aspect of the end of your lease: cleaning.

We handle all of the stress of cleaning up your home or your flat before the lease is up. With the fastest delivery time in the local area when compared with any of the other options, we’re the clear choice for the educated consumers looking for world-class, high-quality end of lease cleaning Melbourne services.

Our company is proud to serve so many customers in Melbourne’s various suburbs, and we’ve been in the area for the past 25 years!

Our Vision

When we first started our family-owned business in Melbourne 25 years ago, we wanted to create a service we could truly be proud of. With so many businesses and residences located in the Melbourne metropolitan area, we wanted to provide an excellent cleaning service that would live up to even the most rigorous standards. We’re proud to say that we’ve achieved this vision and we’ve created a company our customers can trust. From a small family-owned operation to a larger company, we’ve always remained loyal to our clients!

Our Mission

We’re here to provide our customers the best possible cleaning services with excellent customer support, the fastest response times, and the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. We maintain our excellent reputation with Melbourne locals by always delivering on our promises. When you want a competitively-priced, experienced, and thorough cleaning company in the local area, there’s no other company that provides better end of lease cleaning than Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning! Choose us before anyone!

Ryan Hyde

CEO / Co-Founder


Ryan began his career as a professional window cleaner for skyscrapers and other tall buildings. After returning to Australia from his tenure in the United States, he founded Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning with his brother.

Max Hyde

Managing Director


Max started out working as a marketer in Melbourne before he decided to go into business with his older brother, Ryan. The two founded Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning 25 years ago with the aim of providing top of the line service.


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